Less feeding fuss with BabyBjorn kitchen products


Meal-time mayhem at your house? Try these clever new additions to the BabyBjorn range.

I often refer to meal times at our house as feeding time at the zoo. There’s the careful preparation of the meal, followed by the devouring (with little care to what the meal actually is) and then there’s the mess to clean. Of course, this is all part of allowing children to explore their world by taste and touch. And independence is also a big part of this exploration. These new kitchen products from BabyBjorn are designed for self-feeding, and look adorable to boot.


The plate and spoon is our pick of the bunch. The plate has a clever three leaf clover shape, which allows children to be able to scoop food up into the spoon. The plate sits nice and firmly on the table or high chair tray. And the bonus is that both the plate and spoon are dishwasher safe. The set costs $34.95.


The very cute spoons are also available separately, and are made to fit perfectly into little hands. They come in bright colours, and are a great size for gathering toddler-sized mouthfuls of food. A two pack of spoons is priced at $15.95.


The BabyBjorn Soft Bib is easy to clean and catches all of those bits of escaped food that usually end up on the floor or down the crevasses of a high chair.


Finally, BabyBjorn has also released a First Cup. It also stands nice and firm so hopefully won’t be knocked over, and is designed to be gripped easily by toddlers. The cup is priced at $15.95. All of the products can be purchased from Minimee Babies & Kids.


While you’re in the mood for food, have a look at our review of the fabulous BabyBjorn high chair.

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