Lego treadmill challenge will have parents everywhere cringing

You’ve done it in the middle of the night, accidentally. These guys have done it on purpose for a laugh (and YouTube views). That’s right – I’m talking about walking barefoot on Lego.

If you’ve had the experience of the barefoot Lego massage (probably in the dark, while creeping out of a child’s bedroom), you’ll know it’s not to be toyed with (pun intended). But these British 20-somethings don’t seem to have run that gauntlet before, and they’ve decided they’d like to. On a treadmill.

Here’s the cheat’s version of this YouTube clip (which goes for over seven minutes) – they all take turns running on the treadmill while a friend tips Lego of various shapes and sizes beneath their feet. We’re giving you a language warning – don’t watch this one with the kids around. It gets pretty sweary at times (but if you’ve ever stepped on Lego barefoot you’ll understand why). Can’t spare seven minutes? The fun gets going around the 90 second mark.

And yes, if you’re wondering – there will be blood. Now you can feel even more vindicated in your late night Lego fury!

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