Lego storage that really stacks up

Lego storage bricks

Lego storage bricks

The proliferation of Lego in my house over the past year has meant that I have an unnaturally high level of interest for anything that claims to be a good storage system for Lego. After all, just one piece of stray Lego in the middle of the night can set off a chain reaction that wakes everyone in your house. Lots of Lego in your house? You know what I mean.

At our place we’ve tried all kinds of storage for Lego, from the drawstring bag right through to assorted containers which apparently sort the Lego according to size. One problem I keep coming across is how your storage needs change as the size of the Lego collection changes.

Lego storage bricks

Please excuse my almost embarrassing level of excitement, but I think we might have found here the absolutely definitive answer to Lego storage! Say a welcome hello to stackable Lego storage bricks from Plast Team. They come in four sizes (from one bump to eight!) and ten colours and are completely stackable, just like real Lego. Of course, you don’t need to keep Lego in them – the different sizes available make them great for sorting all kinds of fiddly kids’ toys. What I love is that the storage can grow as your collection grows (or becomes more organised) without the first pieces you bought becoming obsolete.

All the bricks are 18cm high. The smallest (one bump) storage brick is 12x12cm and they increase in size up to the eight bump brick at 25x50cm. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a lot of Lego storage. Ready to organise right now? Get on over to Anouk Anoo where prices begin at $19.99.

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Lego storage bricks

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