Lego Bento box will delight any little Lego lover (and put your lunches to shame!)

How many minutes do you spend making lunches in the morning? Fifteen minutes? Ten minutes? Five minutes perhaps? I’ve got the art of grabbing two yoghurts, slapping together two sandwiches, cutting up several pieces of fruit and adding a few healthy snacks in containers to my two children’s lunch boxes down to a seven minute activity  (and that’s with making a cup of coffee during the process). But my kids’ lunches never ever look like this.

Prepare to be impressed with this Lego Bento Lunch Box creation. The four minute video shows you how to easily put it all together (using only a few ingredients and utensils you have in the drawer already). So, who is game to give it a try?

To pull off this Lego sensation, you will need Kamaboko, baby cheese, boiled carrot, boiled cocktail franks and cucumber for the individual Lego bricks. As is demonstrated in the video, you will need to cut each piece of food into squares or rectangles (I don’t want to talk about the food wastage). Using a straw, cut out four to six little holes and then carefully insert the cylinders into each hole with tweezers.

lego bento box 1

Piece of cake, right?

Next, on to the Lego head. Simply mix sticky rice with a bit of yellow food dye (or, if you are avoiding dangerous preservatives, opt for a small amount of ground turmeric, saffron and fresh turmeric juice to make the yellow colouring). Cover with plastic wrap and mould to form the head. Then simply cut out a smile and eyes from a small piece of seaweed and you’ve got your Lego head centrepiece.

lego bento box 3

Top off your master builder masterpiece with fried chicken and lettuce.

The creation, which is featured on the Okaeri Recipe Channel, will certainly impress the entire student body, teachers included. But how long do you think it would take you to make this lunch box sensation?

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