Learn life-saving skills from home with CPR Kids

Watching your child fight for breath while choking is a terrifying image that most of us will hopefully never experience. Would you know what to do if this was happening at your dinner table? Learning the life-saving skills of baby and child first aid is a must for parents – and there’s now a really simple way to do it in your own home.

I can remember with vivid detail the handful of times my children have choked on food, and how my first aid training took over. Within seconds I was able to skilfully dislodge the food using the back-blow skills I’d learnt, and given I can be a panic merchant I’ve always been proud of my calmness in these situations. And that’s because knowledge is power – particularly when it comes to saving a child’s life.


CPR Kids is a brilliant concept – an organisation that can come to your home, if you live in the Sydney metro area, and teach your entire family baby and child first aid. If you live elsewhere, CPR Kids has plenty of other resources that can be remotely accessed.


The expert instructors at CPR Kids include paediatric nurses, midwives and intensive care paramedics. This means that those teaching you have used the knowledge they’re passing on, in real life situations. The classes are interactive and hands-on, and cover most common first aid situations involving babies and children. CPR Kids can also run their courses for larger gatherings, like mothers’ groups. The start of your journey as a parent is the perfect time to learn first aid for children.

For those not in the Sydney metro area, CPR Kids has some great resources available. CPR Kids TV is a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching viewers what to do in emergency situations – from how to treat a funnel web spider bite to first aid for head injuries in children.


CPR Kids also has a fabulous first aid manual, A life. A finger. A pea up a nose., which is available as an e-book for $11.95.

For more information, or to book a session, head to CPR Kids.

(This is a sponsored post for CPR Kids)

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