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Pottery Barn Kids Australia

Another year, another favourite things post. Luckily, this year there were some standout products and experiences that made it a little bit easier to choose. Come and have another look at the things that really floated my boat this year!

First off the mark really had to be the opening of Pottery Barn Kids in Sydney at the beginning of May. Not only was I lucky enough to go along and spend the day fantasising over beautiful homewares (and call it work!), but they even gave me a gorgeous bag for free. I’ve loved Pottery Barn ever since I first stumbled over it in the States ten years ago, so this one was a post made in heaven for me.

Alarm docks from Areaware

From something quite grand to something much, much smaller, these bright wooden Areaware iPhone docks really struck a chord with me. They’re definitely on my “something to treat myself” list and I’m trying to work out which one would best suit my bedroom.

Lottie Dolls

There are two little girls in my house, and since the time of writing, three of these little Lottie Dolls have come to live here as well. My girls absolutely love them, and they are taken on endless adventures. I love the attention to detail in their outfits, and their flexibility and “little girlness”. My only sadness is that there are currently only five in the collection and at the rate we’re going, we’ll have them all too soon. Also, I can tell you on good authority that if their hair gets a bit tangled, you can spray children’s detangler on it and it sorts itself right out.

Lego 10234 Sydney Opera House

This one is fairly recent, but (because I am a tragic Lego-diehard) I thought it deserved another outing. The spectacular Lego Sydney Opera House set is due to hit our shores later this year and I’m already trying to come up with ways to justify its nearly $400 price tag. And the amount of space it would take up in my not-very-enormous house.

Freddy Fraser wagons

I’ll round it out this year with the very sturdy Freddy Fraser red wagon. I’m constantly looking for ways to encourage my children to get outside and be a bit more active, and when combined with their love of taking all their belongings and dumping them somewhere else around the house or garden, I figure a wagon like this might be just the ticket. Also, since the time of writing, its price has dropped a whopping $60.

That’s it for this year! It’s been great looking back over my posts and rediscovering my favourites. I hope you’ll rediscover some too.

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