Leaf Thermometer – the heat sensitive nursery decor

Nursery thermometer

nursery thermometer

One of the main things I worried about when I brought my baby home from the hospital was if she was too cold. As soon as I was convinced she was warm enough I would be wondering if she was too hot?

With my just-had-a-baby-hormones and sleep deprivation I found it really hard to judge the temperature. I was constantly wrapping and unwrapping her depending on my own flushes.

These handy Leaf Thermometers give you a quick visual indication of where the room temperature is, leaving you just to worry about how much clothing to put on the baby. I could have really done with some of these.

Nursery thermometer

When the temperature is perfect they are green and fresh, if it is too cold they go brown and if it is hot they yellow. It really is such a simple design that alleviates the need for a thermometer and blends in perfectly in a nursery environment.

For US$20 you get a pack of five for so you can put one in each room, arrange them on a wall or sit them in a vase, making it easy to quickly glance in low light or from the other side of the room.

I am wondering why no one thought of this earlier?

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