Labour pains? Pffft. Dance them away like this awesome mama

When contractions start, some women bounce. Some women scream. Some women suck on nitrous oxide. And some women dance.

Dance like your water is breaking.

That’s exactly what mum Yuki Nishizawa did during labour with her second child. As husband Connell Cloyd films and with a bemused midwife looking on in the background, Yuki pulls out her best dance moves to the 90s hit Tootsee Roll to help alleviate the pain from the contractions and speed things along.

She may not move like Jagger, but has certainly mastered the mum moves including the butterfly, side shuffle and Tootsie Roll. Even at seven centimetres dilated, Yuki continues to bust a move, while her husband laughs along.

“You gotta be kidding me,” he jokes, as she grooves her way through the pain. “I know I shouldn’t be laughing as a husband, but… she wanted to be famous, I guess this is how you do it!”

The video has over 6 million hits in the past week and the new parents are still in shock at how many times the video has been viewed. Yuki’s positive attitude and killer dance moves certainly did the trick as the proud parents welcomed their son, Coji, into the world shortly after the danceathon.

 dance labour 2

This isn’t the first time a mum has tried dancing as a way to get things moving. Check out this heavily pregnant mumma’s thrilling attempt to induce labour by channelling her inner Michael Jackson.

How did you alleviate the labour pains? I stuck to screaming, crying and sucking on nitrous oxide but if we have another, I am definitely pulling out my best dance moves. Get excited, husband.

(via Huffington Post, images via Facebook)


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