Kristen Bell had a huge fight with Dax Shepard and you’ll probably relate

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell

As Kristen Bell prepares to don black and host the upcoming Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, she popped up on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and shared a relatable tale of … her first big fight with husband Dax Shepard!

In a good place

Let us first say that mum-of-two Kristen’s career is going rather epically from strength to strength. Not only has she starred in a string of box office hits, she’s front and centre in the highly acclaimed The Good Place – AND her SAG hosting gig makes her the first EVER host of the awards. She’s totally winning at mum and career person life and we’re inspired.

During her Kimmel appearance Kristen circled back to Dax’s notorious love of yacht rock. To be clear, he’s made no secret of it, but apparently back in the (early relationship) day, Kristen was unaware of just how much her then husband-to-be loved his easy listening.

“We were newly in our relationship,” Kristen explained describing a road trip the couple embarked on, “and he had chosen the music for the first two states, and when he went into the service station I thought, ‘Well, that’s a wrap for me. I’m up to here with the yacht rock, outlaw country; let’s get some show tunes, right?!’ So I switched the iPod. Well, he was not happy because I didn’t ask, we didn’t discuss it, and it was also like we’re both control freaks, [and it was the] beginning of our relationship.”

“It’s all about compromise”

Uh-oh. These early efforts to carve out the boundaries of a fledgling relationship make our stomachs hurt a bit, in sympathy. We’ve all been there.

Apparently it wasn’t just Toto and Steely Dan that had the pair facing off with hands on hips and pursed lips. Dax’s tendency to ride his motorbike hellishly helmet-free was another bone of contention, with Kristen explaining that he’s hung up on technicalities – and it’s wildly annoying.

“Because Dax Shepard believes that if he’s in a state that does not have a helmet law, he should be ‘observing the local culture’ and not wear his helmet. We ended up compromising that if he was on the highway, he had to wear the helmet. But if he was on side streets, he didn’t have to wear the helmet. I’m not joking — he took side streets for like four hours just to make a point.”

Pressing on

Kristen, who is mum to four-year-old Lincoln and two-year-old Delta, says they pushed on, despite these hiccups.

“But we continued dating, Jimmy. That’s the moral of the story. We worked through it. It’s about compromise. It’s about understanding the other person’s wants and needs. We weren’t listening to each other back then, but now we listen.”

Despite a widely publicised fight over an ugly recliner (which Kristen eventually won) and a bit of a face-off about the wisdom of giving a preschooler a motorbike, it’s been mostly smooth sailing since the road trip playlist drama.

Heck, Kristen might even have come around to the whole yacht rock thing (see below).

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