Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s Xmas was all snug pants, puzzles and pups

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

We are pleased to reveal that festive life at the Shepard-Bell home was a relatable jumble of Elsa dolls, snug pyjamas, pancakes, seemingly impossible jigsaws and extremely chilled-out pups.

Peanut pants

Babyology faves Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard celebrated Christmas in typically funny style, and luckily their Instagram stories let us tag along for the ride.

For starters, we glimpsed Dax Shepard “accidentally” kitted up in his wife’s Peanuts pyjama bottoms. It’s fair to say he’s not hating the experience …

“What’s happening,” a giggling Kristen queries, in the clip uploaded to Instagram stories.

“Someone tailored my jammies and boy, they couldn’t be snugger. Just seeing the butt cheeks,” Dax explains.

I think we’ve all been here. Also, we found the same PJs online here, in case you want to kit up like this next year.

Dax Shepard pjs

“I am a beast”

Of course, Christmas is not only about festive pyjamas, there are also long hours on Boxing Day to fill as we work out what to do with the hand that’s not popping slices of leftover ham into our mouths.

Kristen solved this problem admirably, with a series of very, very difficult and many-pieced jigsaw puzzles. She is, she tells us, a BEAST. And also SAVAGE. We admit they DO look hard.

Kristen Bell Jigsaw Puzzle

Hot Sauce puzzle

(If you want to get into some puzzles over the festive period, we found the hot sauce one on eBay. There are also some really great ones at local retailer, Puzzle Palace.)

Stack’s on!

In other Bell-Shep festive frolicking, we can reveal that pancakes with banana and chocolate spread were the order of the day on Christmas morning.

The chocolate spread they slathered so heartily is called Chocti, and is apparently a healthier sort of Nutella-type-thing. It contains cacao, dates, and Madagascar vanilla bean ghee. (Ghee is clarified butter, for those still bleary-eyed and catching up!)

Kristen Bell Chocti


Elsa vs Anna

Kristen (who plays Anna in the super-dooper popular animated film Frozen) shared a photo of a couple of gifts her daughters, Lincoln and Delta, were given for Christmas. They were almost life-sized (if you are a 3 or 4-year-old) incarnations of the Frozen character Elsa and it’s fair to say Kristen might be keen to leave the Elsa-Anna rivalry at the office.

“My extended family lives to torment me,” Kirsten posted.

It’s not the first time she’s revealed all the attention Elsa is getting might be wearing a teensy bit thin. At Halloween her daughter made her dress up as her Frozen co-star, a demand she submitted to wearily, and later documented huffily on Instagram (below).

Kristen Bell

Frozen cookies and decorations

Kristen Bell and dog Lola

Other festive shares included some delightful bespoke cookies by cookie genius Little Sparks Cookies, a shot of Anna with her head snapped off (as a triumphant Elsa looks on) and some stinkin’ cute snaps of Bell and her dog, Lola.

We have to say we’re kind of stoked they shared so much of their Christmas celebrations, and have a surprising urge to snap up a puzzle in the sales and start separating edge bits and middle bits, stat.

Merry day-after-Boxing-Day y’all! 


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