KOR unveils Nava for filtered water on the go


It’s billed as the death knell to overpriced bottled water. Introducing KOR Nava – the filtering water bottle.

Filtered water is pretty much a mainstay in most households, be it purchased or boiled tap water. But in a society where everything is portable, bottled water has had the market cornered for those who want filtered water while on the move. You’re about to see the most stylish way to stay hydrated, with a beautiful bottle that filters water as you drink.


KOR has previously featured on Babyology, with its ultra modern take on water bottles, or more aptly, hydration vessels. This clever company is now embarking on a new direction with its KOR Nava design – a filtering water bottle. KOR launched Nava on Kickstarter, and before the clock had even ticked to seventy-two hours, the funding goal was surpassed. With a couple of weeks to go, more than $150,000 has been pledged by people with a thirst for stylish filtered water on the go. Have a look at the video to see some of the very cool features of this bottle, including the interesting material used to make the filter.

KOR will launch a replaceable filter subscription service, so bottle owners will always have new filters on hand. KOR says one Nava filter equates to three hundred bottles of water, which is a saving of about $400 if you’re a bottled water purchaser.


The KOR Nava Kickstarter project is due to be funded on May 9, with the recommended retail price of US$29.95 a bottle. The bottles will be available through KOR.


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