Kneepal – the ultimate way to bath the kids in comfort


Bath time literally brings parents to their knees. It’s an uncomfortable sacrifice we have to make to ensure babies and young children are safe, and washed when in a bathtub. And oh, how painful it is to kneel down on cold tiles – it often means a quick dip in the bath for the kids rather than a relaxing soak. This clever, knee-saving pad will save your knees and back, and ensure bath time is fun for all.

Kneepal is a very simple, but very comfortable option for parents and grandparents, or anyone charged with the task of bathing small children in a bathtub.

The Kneepal is soft and cushioned, and its moulded design ensures that knees are cradled and supported. In fact, kneeling on a Kneepal is like kneeling on a marshmallow! You can forget having to roll up a towel to place under your knees, just keep this waterproof pad handy and you’re set each bath time.


The Kneepal is also a brilliant and thoughtful gift for any new parent, and makes a great addition to a baby shower essentials gift pack.


And if your kids are past the need for you to kneel over the bath, the Kneepal has a life well beyond the early childhood years. Cleaning the bath has never been as comfortable as it is while using a Kneepal. And they’re also fabulous for use in the garden, while weeding. In fact, they’re perfect for any task that requires kneeling for a period of time.


Kneepals come in four fun colours, and cost $34.99 each. They are available directly from Kneepal, which can also gift wrap and add a personal message for an extra $10.

(This post is sponsored by Kneepal)

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