Klop – the take-anywhere game

KLOP log-tossing game


Looking for something a little out-of-the-box for a gift or new activity for the family? Here’s a game which will see you through many leisurely picnics in the park and those daily backyard outings, giving you a breather while the kids play.

Klop is a log tossing game from Finland where the object is to knock over single logs and be the first to attain a score of fifty. Think of the numeracy benefits for primary school-aged children who are learning to add single and double digit numbers!

Throwing underarm, players stand three metres away and aim for the blocks which will give them that winning score. When blocks are knocked down, they are stood up again for the next player’s turn so the field is constantly changing. What happens if your score goes over fifty? Then you go right back to twenty-five and begin the uphill climb once more!

There are even national Klop Championships if you become a star of the game. Sounds like something I could really get into, providing my boys don’t throw the logs at each other. We saw Klop in action at the recent Kids Instyle trade show in Melbourne.

Get KLOP from Quirky Kids Online for $69.95 plus post. It’s time to start thinking about Christmas, so pop this one on your Wishlist. If your kids are much smaller, the word is that soon there will also be a kid-sized Klop game which Quirky Kids will be sure to get.

KLOP log-tossing game

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