Kindness wins! Exhausted mum thanks Lush staff for not judging her child

Colton from Life Through A Different Lens

An exhausted mum was shopping with her little boy when he started getting a little out of hand in the Lush cosmetics store. She braced herself for pursed lips and requests to leave, but the shop’s staff had other ideas. Champions!

Life with a different lens

Caitlin Cavallari blogs at Life With A Different Lens, primarily about navigating family life with a child with autism and a rare chromosome disorder.

Caitlin is a passionate proponent of autism awareness and acceptance, using her blog and social media to connect others with the experience of parenting a toddler who has autism.

On January 30th, Caitlin shared a story about a day out with her little boy, Colton. She detailed the tricky lead-up and the challenges and rewards the outing presented.

Her post has since been enthusiastically picked up by bigger media outlets and shared widely across the internet, because it’s a great example of leading with compassion and rejecting judgement.

Let us tell you more…

Caitlin wrote:

Dear sweet saleswoman at Lush,

After a particularly rough morning of a 2.5+ hour meltdown, a broken iPad case (it’s really NOT indestructible like it advertises), and more punches than his dad and I can count, all I wanted was a little relaxation. So, I brought my son to your Market Street location in the Woodlands. Although his spirits were better than the morning, his love of all things choo choo’s is STRONG and he lets everyone know it.

You were so accommodating. You didn’t mind that he was running his trains all over your store, dropping things, and making a mess on the floor. You talked trains with him, you washed his arms with cleanser, you made a “sleeping bag” for his trains out of Lush bags, and as I was checking out, he sprawled out on the floor and despite him blocking half the walkway, you proceeded to lay down on the floor alongside him and play trains.

What could have been a traumatic experience, you turned in to one of our most enjoyable public outings. Thank you sweet Lush saleswoman for making this autism mom’s heart smile. I so, so, SO needed this experience. Thanks for helping me to remember that not everyone will judge you and even the littlest thing can make your day! All this world needs is a little love and understanding and you sure helped prove that today!

One thankful autism momma

She then tagged the Lush Woodlands store in the post, with thanks.


Followers of Caitlin’s Facebook page were touched by this kindness shown to her and Colton in store, urging a rethink of the way we look at children’s behaviour and more understanding of autism, too.

“Omg, this just warmed my heart so much! I’ve never tried Lush before… after seeing this though, it makes me want to run out and get some,” one follower posted.

“What a special day and experience! So glad there was a rainbow at the end of your stormy day!” Another wrote.

“There is hope out there. Knowing what you and Vince go through at times, I will never judge a parent again on a screaming child. We all need to show a little patience and help not judge,” another mum said.

It’s true that it’s very easy to judge a parent with a child who seems to be “acting out”.

Very often there’s much more to the story than we know and a healthy dose of compassion is in order.


“Sweet words”

Staff from Lush caught wind of Caitlin’s post, responding with positivity and pride.

“Thank you for these sweet words! We are so glad that you and your son had a nice time in the shop. I will make sure to pass this along to our team working today,” a Lush rep posted.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Caitlin, and for letting us know a) how great Lush staff are and b) how interesting trains are!

Read more about Caitlin and Colton at Life Through A Different Lens.


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