Kinderkookkafe – the real restaurant run by kids

Imagine a restaurant where kids do the cooking, the cleaning and the serving while the grown-ups relax. A cafe where the waiters, the chefs, the baristas, the cashiers and even the dishwashers are under the age of 12. It may sound like something out of Lord of the Flies but such a magical place really does exist. It’s called Kinderkookkafe. And it will delight aspiring chefs everywhere.

In Amsterdam, tucked away on a quaint little street and hidden behind a bright yellow door is a place where culinary creativity comes alive. Kinderkookkafe is a not-for-profit restaurant/activity centre where the children do the work and the adults taste test their creations.


Kinderkookkafe has been running strong for more than 30 years now with the main intent to offer children aged five to 12 a chance to learn what really goes into running a restaurant.


The centre is a fully-operational restaurant and everything on the menu comes with a price tag. While there are adults supervising the activities and leading the lessons, the staff of children are taught how to cook, how to serve food, how to make non alcoholic drinks, how to clean up and bus tables and even how to work the cash register.


Once the meals have been created, the children are encouraged to take a seat with their parents and dig in to their dishes before clearing the tables and cleaning up.


So what culinary delights can you expect at Kinderkookkafe? There is a wide range of yummy favourites for little tummies including fruit platters, sandwiches, pizza and cupcakes. They even cater to those with special dietary requests and allergies as everything is made to order by the staff of mini chefs.


What do we think, Babyologists? Would you like to see something similar in Australia?

(via When on Earth, images via Facebook)

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