Kimochi Emotion Dolls – boosting emotional awareness

When children approach the age of three, they become increasingly interested in people’s emotions. My son turns three next
month and almost on cue, he starts to ask "How are you feeling mummy?", "That lady is happy", "I’m grumpy".
They seem to get the basic
emotions down pat pretty quickly, but those more complex ones like jealousy, pride and shyness need to be revisited when they
occur. One way of helping a child to explore emotional awareness and develop understandings about human behaviour is through the
use of toys. A lighthearted, indirect approach can be just the trick and an ideal tool is a
Kimochi emotion doll.

We all want our kids to be emotionally intelligent, and with four
appealing critters to choose from, it’ll make the challenging job
of guiding this development that much easier. There’s Bear (green),
Square (grey), Red Twin and Blue Twin,
all with big mouths to stuff the emotion pieces into. The pieces
represent 9 emotions – the word is printed on one side and a
facial expression on the other. Sometimes the biggest
frustration about being little is not having the vocabulary
to explain feelings, which can lead to those inexplicable tantrums we
all know so well.

Select the Kimochi best suited to your family (the emotions vary
slightly between dolls) and use him for mediation between siblings,
further exploration of storybooks and of course, just for fun!

Available from uncommon goods for US$55 and they ship

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