Kiinde launches the Kozii Breastmilk Warmer

A Babyology favourite brand has released its latest gadget, which is set to slot very nicely into its brilliant breastfeeding collection, storage and feeding system.

We get such a huge response from Babyologists every time we feature the ingenious Kiinde system, and with just cause. It gives breastfeeding mums a complete system that takes the fuss out of expressing, storing and then feeding your child breast milk.


The latest addition to the Kiinde range is the Kozii – which is a breast milk warmer. It works as fast as steam, but is as safe as tap water and as easy as using the microwave (which of course, you cannot do with breast milk).

The Kozii has been designed to follow guidelines that stipulate how to thaw and warm breast milk. The Kozii uses a low temperature water bath that is suitable for use with all bottle and bag brands. It’s designed to avoid the creation of hotspots, and only gets as warm as tap water. It’s available from Kiinde for $99.95, plus postage.

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