My kids wore amber teething necklaces and I swear by them

Amber teething necklaces

There are many fads that go around the parenting circles when you have young children. Some weeks it’s the magical cuddly comforter that induces sleep and the next it’s an ingenious toy which guarantees to captivate your child’s attention for hours on end. These fads inevitably die off as they stop working and mothers focus their interest elsewhere.

Amber teething necklaces are no fad

But amber teething necklaces are no fad, in my experience they actually work and they don’t just randomly stop working, either. I first got onto the concept of an amber teething necklace when my first daughter, now ten, was about six months old.

We were in the thick of sleepless nights filled with lots of screaming, hallway-pacing restlessness. She was irritable, hard to soothe and needed to be in arms constantly. I was slowly going out of my mind, ready to turf her off to any well-meaning onlooker. I needed something that worked.

Nothing was working until …

So when my friend handed me an amber necklace for her to wear saying it might help, I threw away any preconceived notions of what I thought a remedy looked like and I put it on her. I won’t tell you that magical things happened the instant it went on, but I will tell you one thing that happened – and it was totally out of the ordinary – that night she slept all night long.


I scoffed it off as coincidence, but she slept well the following few nights, too. Her whining seemed to subside and she even popped out another tooth without me realising until after the fact, when I felt it on my finger.

From that point on, I was a convert

Over the coming years, I bought each of my other three daughters their own necklaces, too. I ordered from a local Byron Bay designer who sourced beautiful baltic amber and knotted each bead on the string, reducing the choking hazard.

As the age for teething approached, I’d ready myself for the onslaught of drooly, whiny and miserable bubba that never really seemed to eventuate when they were wearing the necklace. Feeding seemed to increase, but given that breast provides more than just nutrition I thought it made sense that they needed more comfort while they cut their teeth.

I did experiment

Every now and then I would take the necklace off, just to see if it really was making that big of a difference or if it was all just in my head. Sometimes I was convinced it was just a placebo. But placebo or not, on the times my girls didn’t wear their amber I’d be met with sleepless nights and a child who seemed to be in a lot more pain than she was previously. I wanted to help her and I didn’t feel good about plying her with paracetamol when the necklace did the same job. So back on the amber would go, and our time would improve. Our nights were definitely a lot less hellish.

Look, I don’t know how it works. I can’t scientifically extrapolate it all for you because I’m not a scientist. And I realise how much eye-rolling and skepticism the amber necklaces bring from people who don’t believe in their healing powers. I am however an educated, intuitive mother who can call bluff from fact.

Be open to out of the box solutions

I know for a fact that when my girls were teething and they had their necklaces on, they were calmer, less drooly and they slept better. And that for me is enough to swear by them.

Sometimes as parents it’s important to let go of minor reservations we may have and be open to looking for solutions in the least likely scenarios, because we haven’t before. And sometimes, that’s where we find our answers.


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