When we have kids, we’ll never do that… the video that will have all parents laughing out loud

Remember when you thought you had parenting all figured out? Come and reminisce about the time before you had a baby when everything about parenthood was going to fall perfectly into place…

Last month we wrote about parenting promises that we make before having kids…and break soon after. You know, things like, “my child will never tantrum in public,” “my baby will never use a dummy,” and “I will never yell at my kids.” Pfft.

It turns out we were not the only ones who had an exceptionally skewed reality of what life is like with kids.

The always-hilarious family behind Story of This Life have captured these impossible pre-baby beliefs to perfection with their latest video, When We Have Kids. We, like pretty much the rest of the world, love the Andersons (mum Esther, dad Thad and toddler Ellia), who are all refreshingly honest and funny.

when we have kids 2

From the smug promise to make their  own organic baby food to the assurance that they will not allow their child use electronic devices, this video leaves no parenting fail unturned. Our favourite has got to be the scene in the restaurant though – those darned tired signs ruin everything.

Check out some of the Anderson family’s other parenting gold mines including how to escape a newborn baby and why mums get nothing done.

Keep up the good work, Andersons. And, Esther, if you’re reading this, message me. I think we should be best friends.

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