Kids’ TV series Bubble Bath Bay may just be the missing link in your afternoon routine

Bubble Bath Bay

If I were to come over to your place on Monday afternoon, what would the house look like? Would the kids have every toy dumped on the floor? Would there be snacks spilled all over the counter? Would someone be crying? Would you be contemplating what to make for dinner (or whether to just give up, order takeaway and pour a wine)?

Yep. Me too.

But the start of witching hour just got a lot easier thanks to ABC KIDS’ new television series Bubble Bath Bay.

Bubble Bath Bay takes children on a high seas adventure with a colourful cast of talking boats. The characters are cheeky; the graphics are beautiful and the setting will leave you feeling right at home. The show currently airs at 7:40am everyday until 27 September. Then it will return on 5 October at the new time slot of 4:10pm.

Take it from this time-poor mum of two children – this show will not only make your afternoon routine easier, but it will provide your kids with a dose of educational entertainment.

If your kids haven’t tuned in to this adorable show making a splash in households around Australia, then here are five excellent reasons why they should.

Bubble Bath Bay provides a great transition from school to play.

Bubble Bath Bay - Still 5

The calming seas of Bubble Bath Bay make for an exciting adventure for the kids and a lovely way to transition from school or daycare to play time. The show won’t leave your children bouncing off the walls and is a great way to unwind before starting on their homework or afternoon activity.

Bubble Bath Bay is one of the only shows for kids that is truly Australian.

Bubble Bath Bay - Still 6

Give your kids a lesson in geography every time they tune in. Bubble Bath Bay‘s locations are inspired by Australia’s coastal towns and cities. Dry Dock might be Adelaide’s Outer Harbour, Sirius Cove in Sydney inspired the idyllic Hidden Cove where Sydney and Zip love to take the Canoes to play, and you could easily mistake bustling Salamanca Bay in Hobart for the Marina in Bubble Bath Bay.

So why not jump on a ferry or ride a rivercat and explore your own waterways? While you’re at it, why not see if your little ones can spot some of Bubble Bath Bay’s landmarks? Visit one of the many historic lighthouses around Australia’s coastline, which were the inspiration for Aurora’s lighthouse – you never know, if you’re lucky you might even spot Slick the Seal or Plucky the Penguin!

Bubble Bath Bay - Still 7

Plus, many of the cast are voiced by favourite Aussie television stars, including Colin Friels as the voice of Terry the Tug.

Bubble Bath Bay is secretly teaching our kids (don’t tell them though).

Bubble Bath Bay - Still 8

Take a much deserved parenting break. Bubble Bath Bay has the lessons in teamwork, cooperation and friendship covered. In each story the characters approach a new challenge, problem or crisis, which is resolved through adventure and play and in a positive manner.

Children (and adults) absolutely adore it.


My kids included. It is aimed at children aged three to five but my six-year-old loves it just as much as his three-year-old little sister.

I’ve noticed a lot of my six-year-old’s friends are really into the show and even spotted a few sailboats, tugboats and water taxis getting around last month during Book Week (because kids often miss the memo that Book Week costumes are meant to be based on books, not television and movies).

Bubble Bath Bay - Still 9

This love for Bubble Bath Bay is echoed around Australia. When the show first aired in March, it almost immediately became a favourite. By the fourth day it was the third highest rating kids’ series on multichannel TV and has consistently maintained its high rankings, regularly beating international favourites.

Bubble Bath Bay gives you exactly 11 minutes to get things done.

Bubble Bath Bay - Still 10

This is just enough time to put the toys away, empty the lunch boxes, defrost the chicken, pull the clothes off the line and set up an activity to keep the kids busy after the show ends.

And, if you’re extra fast, you can probably even squeeze in a trip to the toilet (without anyone following you).

Give your kids an educational television treat and give yourself a few moments to prepare for the evening routine with Bubble Bath Bay, sailing to your screen at 4:10pm every day from 5 October on ABC KIDS. All aboard!

(This is a sponsored post for Essential Media)

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