Kids got a new gadget for Christmas? They’ll need iPhone & iPad apps!

This summer holidays I have my two boys home together for four weeks straight, then another two weeks with my six year old at home. We’re already two weeks in and I’m thanking my foresight in getting them an iPod Touch each for Christmas. They quite simply love them; my older boy has gone all teenage, listening to his music and practicing his dance moves. My younger boy listens to storybooks and practices his emerging writing skills using a tracing app.

Yep, life is real dandy and we’re balancing this with lots of walks to the park, tennis, scootering and backyard play, but when mummy needs to have some time out, we have the blessed iPods for a moment’s peace! We’ve rounded up some great apps which we’ve featured in the past so you can download them for your own kids.

Kideos – YouTube for kids

Get Kideos for your kids aged zero to ten and you’ll be assured of kid-friendly content.

Babyology Feature – iPhone Apps for Kids

We reviewed a few iPhone apps in one hit a while back and I still have them all installed and in use – they’re tried and true!

Kid-friendly apps for iPad fun

Fruit Ninja iPad app

Similarly, we reviewed some iPad apps that will keep them busy.

Paper doll fun for your iPhone

A sweet paper doll app with over one hundred and eighty garments to mix and match!

Food Fight, an interactive children’s book

Food Fight! app

Kids love an interactive book and so do parents – it’s the ultimate parental-guilt-free activity!

Chalk up this pretty app

Both my sons still love and use this fab chalkboard app – great for car trips too!

Shape-O! puzzles for the iPad

Shape-O! app iPad

Oh this is such a pretty app! Shape O really rocks it for kids and adults alike.

Trick up your pics with photography apps

Hipstamatic iphone app

If you have some budding photographers in your house, they’ll love this selection of photography apps. I’m just crazy about photographing everything on my iPhone and my latest obsession is Phototoaster ($1.99). It’s one for you and for the older kids and totally, utterly addictive!

There’s a playground around here somewhere…

Playground Finder app

On holidays and in desperate need of a playground? It’s the one place kids can truly let off steam and if they’ve been stuck in a car for hours, you’ll need to find one stat. Get the Playground Finder app!

Video Time Machine – it’s a bulk-ace app

I have a six-year-old history buff who would love trawling these curated YouTube videos from our near and distant past (the videos date back to 1860!).

We can’t possibly mention here, every app we’ve ever written about, so feel free to trawl our app archives – happy apping and here’s to a great summer holiday complete with parental sanity!

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