Kidkustoms – traffic-stopping baby buggies


They’re the hot rods of the baby world and you’d probably cause traffic pile-ups walking along with a
Kidkustoms Roddler stroller. You’ll need a healthy wallet and a kid who
doesn’t mind being upstaged, no matter how cute he or she is!

Kidkustoms strollers
pack a punch with optional extras like video screens and iPod
docks – all this on top of the professional pearlescent paint job and
custom upholstery. ‘Parental units’ of the affluent kind can tailor
Roddler by choosing flamed fenders and two-toned seats and hoods, right
down to the colour of the stitching.

Kidkustoms is a concept born through a marriage of the automotive
and apparel industries. When these two make babies,
out comes a Kidkustom in all its shiny glory. Just don’t be seen in
trackie-dacks in such esteemed company – you’ll require an extra
two hours of glamming up before leaving the house to do one of these
justice. They make me want to go all out on the
Rockabilly look!

They start at US$2500 plus international shipping through a reshipper.

Thanks to Babyology reader Kirra for this one.


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