Kiddo Kidkeeper – Kiddie leash goes high tech

Knowing your child is safe and out of harm’s way is of paramount concern to parents. In most instances, even when your child wonders off, they are easily found and no harm done. However, if you are in a new environment such as a bustling city, shopping mall, airport or anywhere that is unfamiliar to your child, there is a chance that they may get disorientated and lost or worse.

After years of research a Portuguese company (ironic isn’t it?), Smart Target, have come up with a device that is slightly more 21st century that the old-fashioned toddler leash. Called Kiddo Kidkeeper, it is a simple to use device that consists of a transmitter that attaches to the child and a receiver which is carried by the carer. It works based on the proximity of the child to the receiver using a low frequency. If the child moves outside of the set distance, it will sound an alarm and a visual warning on the receiver only. The set distances can be changed depending on the situation you are in — i.e. a greater distance in a non-congested, relatively safe area, or a shorter setting in, say, a busy shopping mall where visibility is poorer. A great idea for when occasions warrant extra precautions, but you certainly wouldn’t want to start getting too paranoid and make it a permanent fixture.

Available online for Ä78 excluding shipping.

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