Kid-proof your camera with Sugru silicone

kid proofing, silicone

kid proofing, silicone

There’s nothing my children love to do more than take photographs and video each other. Unfortunately such cinematography usually involves my camera and stern words about being careful with equipment from myself to my budding Herb Ritts and Vittorio Storaro. One has to ask ‘how is it best to kid-proof a camera?’.

We at Babyology think the clever folk at Sugru are on to something when it comes to protecting tech gadgets from accidental falls. Sugru is a silicone used for (what looks like) just about everything and anything in the UK. We’re going to assume it’s similar to Fimo, a modelling clay that we can buy here in Australia. Now imagine covering your camera in it ready for the kids next time they plead to use it carefully, which we all know doesn’t mean the same to kids as it does to us.

This video showing a camera covered in carefully placed Sugru silicone will amaze you. I’m not entirely convinced it’s the answer I’m looking for to protect my own camera from the kids but if you’re keen to give it a shot yourself and brave enough to throw your camera onto bitumen, you can find the tutorial at Instructables. Please let us know how you went and more importantly, if it really works!

Sugru is available for £11.50, with delivery to Australia available.

Here is another video of how Sugru works, it’s pretty amazing!



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