Kid Licks – organic nail polish for kids that’s safe and pretty tasty

Monkey see, monkey paint monkey’s nails like mum. No parent wants their kids to be chewing on toxic grown-up polish, and that’s exactly why the organic, edible nail polish by Kid Licks is so clever.

There are the gross things kids ingest – food from the floor well past the five second rule, boogers, sand – and then there’s the dangerous stuff. The folks at Kid Licks were mostly okay with the gross stuff, you know, building immune systems and all that. It was the dangerous stuff that worried them.

They hunted high and low for edible nail polish, but unable to find any, they decided to make their own. That way they could be sure nothing would go in kids’ bellies that didn’t belong there.

Kid Licks polishes

So far Kid Licks has three colours and flavours of polishes that you can buy separately ($18) or in a pack ($46). There’s Sour Carrot Orange polish, Barley Grass Green polish and Beet Red polish. The names are enough to get kids suspicious that you’re trying to sneak veggies into their diets yet again, but once they try the polishes, they’re sure to change their tunes.

The nail polishes are made from fruits, vegetables and other plants, every one of them organic. A full list of ingredients is available for every polish, and the list is short: water, organic acacia, organic carrots, organic corn starch and citric acid.

Kid Licks test

With a bit of elbow grease and water the polishes come right off little finger nails, or if your toddler decides they can’t get enough barley and grass, they can lick the polish right off their nails.

Kid Licks polishes are available online and ship to Australia for $22.

Interested in other natural cosmetics for kids? Check out No Nasties Make-up, a range of 100 per cent natural face paint and hair chalk for kids.

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