‘My kid can’t eat this’ – parents share hilarious meal time fails from fussy eaters

Kid can't eat cover

What are some of the ridiculous reasons why your children won’t eat their food? Because the bikkie is broken? Because the bread has ugly bumps? Because the noodles are too noodle-ly?

If you have heard these excuses all too often, then Instagram page My Kids Can’t Eat This will be your new favourite place to go for your daily dose of funny! The pictures are hilarious, the excuses are real and the struggles are so relatable that you can almost hear the complaints through your computer screen.

My Kids Can’t Eat This showcases the absolutely ridiculous reasons why children won’t eat their food and allows followers to share their own family food fails and tantrum table tales with other parents who know the struggle all too well.  Grab a cup of tea and prepare to laugh out loud at these excuses why ‘my kid can’t eat this’.

#MyKidCantEatThis because the cheese has “goosebumps.” 

kids cant eat this goosebumps image

#MyKidCantEatThis because they’re not all the same colour. 

kid cant eat berries 1

#MyKidCantEatThis muffin because “it looks like it needs a doctor.”

kid cant eat muffin 1

#MyKidCantEatThis because the spoon doesn’t have a princess on it. 

kid cant eat cereal 1

#MyKidCantEatThis because I cut it in four squares like he asked. 

kids cant eat toast 1

#MyKidCantEatThis because it has “ants” on it and a hole in it. 

Kids Cant Eat holy bread text

#MyKidCantEatThis because it’s too juicy. 

Kid cant eat watermelon 1

#MyKidCantEatThis because she doesn’t like the “orange thing” on the bottom. It’s her fork..

fork banana kid cant eat text

#MyKidCantEatThis because after three bites, it’s just too old. 

Kid Cant Eat this apple text

#MyKidCantEatThis because it’s not full.

bottle kid cant eat text

#MyKidCantEatThis because it’s in a new wrapper. 

nutra grain cant eat text

#MyKidCantEatThis because it has “creeps” on it…(black pepper)

black pepper text


#MyKidCantEatThis because it looks like a Christmas stocking and he wants to hang it by the fireplace

Kids Cant Eat Nugget Text

Check out all of the excuses why “my kid can’t eat this“. There’s plenty more ridiculous reasons why children refuse to eat and they seem to come up with more and more every day.

Today my kids have given me the excuses, “because it’s not in a pink cup,” “because the banana is touching the toast,” “because you added too much milk to the cereal” and “because you opened it for me” (and it’s only 11am).

What is your favourite excuse why your children can’t eat their food?

If you have more than one excuser maker at home, you may also enjoy the completely ridiculous reasons why siblings fight.

(via Instagram)


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