Kiband – alerting parents to children who stray too far

This ingenious product is an example of prevention being better than cure. Particularly when it comes to missing children, when so often the outcome isn’t a happy one. Pop one on your child’s wrist and you’ll know if they wander too far from you. Read on to find out more.


Kiband uses Bluetooth technology to help you keep track of your child – but it’s so much smarter than that. The designers say they’ve built the technology from the ground up, to create a smartband that will let you know where your child is, before they go too far.


It’s designed for children aged from 18 months to seven years old, with the parent able to create custom safe perimeters using a smartphone app. Distances can be adjusted to allow for the location, for instance you may want to keep the kids on a short virtual leash in a park.


If the child goes beyond the perimeters pre-programmed by the parent, the Kiband will vibrate to remind the child they are wandering too far. And the Kiband and parent’s smartphone will sound an alarm if the child goes too far. And herein lies the beauty. The Kiband maps the environment and can alert you so you can react before your child goes too far.


The Kiband can only be unlocked from the child’s wrist using the app on the parent or carer’s smartphone. And the Kiband is water-resistant, so it will also alert you if it becomes submerged in water.

The Kiband was funded by backers on Indiegogo last month, which means the company is now able to take pre-orders. We’re hoping this brilliant gadget isn’t too far away from production, and you can sign up for more information and pre-ordering at Kiband.


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