Staying hydrated during pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding

It’s no secret that pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding are all taxing on our bodies – growing, birthing and nurturing little humans is thirsty work! But do you know just how much hydration you need during these key periods? Come and find out, and take a look at a hydration product created by an Australian obstetrician.


There’s so much to think about when it comes to keeping yourself and your baby healthy during pregnancy, but it all comes down to looking after your body’s key needs. When you’re pregnant, your cardiac and metabolic functions increase by 50 per cent, and your blood volume, total fluid volume, cardiac output and renal workloads are all also upped by 50 per cent.

All of this explains the frequent need to go to the toilet, and feeling short of breath while pregnant. So what does this mean for your fluid intake? Basically, you need to increase the amount of fluids you’re drinking – by up to 50 per cent more than before you conceived. There are also other factors to consider when thinking hydration – your needs will be greater if you’re vomiting because of morning sickness, or you’re exercising. It’s recommended that during pregnancy, you drink about 2.3 litres of fluid a day.

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A really easy way to boost your fluid intake, and also fuel your pregnant body with some additional goodies is by drinking aquamamma. Sydney obstetrician Dr Rob Buist created it to give women a choice other than just water when it comes to hydrating their bodies during and after pregnancy, without resorting to high sugar drinks.

Made in Australia, aquamamma is low in sugar and sodium and contains a small amount of folic acid to help boost your daily intake. And if you are suffering from bouts of vomiting, it will help with keeping you hydrated – but make sure you get some medical advice if your vomiting is persistent.


Giving birth is exhausting. It takes an incredible toll on our bodies, and you’ll probably feel like you’ve run a marathon – after you come down from your new baby high! It’s really important to keep yourself hydrated during each stage of labour, so you have the strength to continue.

Sipping on aquamamma can help – it will give your body a boost, without the need for loads of sugar and salt. Just as sports drinks are specifically formulated to aid athletes who are competing and exercising, aquamamma aims to keep labouring women’s bodies hydrated. While you probably won’t feel like eating much during labour, taking frequent sips of fluids will help keep your body fuelled.


After you give birth you may no longer be eating or drinking for two, but your body is working to feed both you and your baby. You need to make sure you keep up your fluid intake, because breastfeeding mums will experience increased water loss via breastmilk of about 700ml a day. It’s recommended that breastfeeding women drink almost 2.6 litres of fluid a day.


Water makes up 87 per cent of breastmilk, and women produce around 780mls of breastmilk a day in the first six months of motherhood, so it’s essential you keep up your own fluid intake.

You can find aquamamma in three flavours: mixed berry, lemon and orange. Buy it directly from aquamamma™ and in leading pharmacies.

(This is a sponsored post for aquamamma™)

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