Keeping those dummies clean with the “Pacifier Pod”

A familiar situation to any mother…the baby starts crying so you reach into the nappy bag, where you randomly tossed in a dummy right before leaving the house. Of course it had found it’s way to the bottom of the bag so you fish it out, where all sorts of crumbs and unidentified objects reside, having to empty the contents of the bag before finding it…of course baby is still crying!

Now you don’t have to give you poor baby a dirty dummy and prolong the crying while you find it, if you use the JJ Cole Pacifier Pod.

With the "attach anywhere" handle, it can be kept on your belt loop, your nappy bag, or your car seat or pram- keep several handy to ensure that you are always prepared. The Pacifier Pod is a cute and affordable little accessory that costs US$6.99 and can be shipped to Australia via Amazon.

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