Keep your kids safe from online advertising

IAB Animation internet safety for kids

IAB Animation internet safety for kids

Kids are using the internet younger and younger these days, and if you’re wracking your brain to work out how to explain tricky concepts like privacy and age restrictions and other important stuff about being safe online, this little video might be another tool in your arsenal.

We’ve stumbled across this short video from the UK’s Internet Advertising Bureau, and we think it’s great. It’s a collaboration with animator Will Samuel which, among other things, seeks to make kids aware of the way that advertising works online. You’ll be glad to hear this if you’ve ever discovered many dollars worth of in-app purchases on your phone made by an unsuspecting six-year-old.

It hits all the right notes as far as humour is concerned, and manages to be short, snappy and informative at the same time. Kids will love the way it acknowledges their existing internet smarts and parents are sure to love the focus on teaching kids the message behind the medium.

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