Keep the kids mosquito-free naturally with Intelligent Health Systems

Intelligent Health Systems mosquito control products

Intelligent Health Systems mosquito control products

I know mosquitoes are only meant to bother us in the summer, but in my backyard they like to hang around in winter too. It probably doesn’t help that my kids like to fill up buckets and containers with water and leave them everywhere providing a convenient breeding ground, but for whatever reason, I’m still thinking about mozzie protection even in the colder months.

Intelligent Health Systems has developed a range of mosquito control products which we think suit the specific needs of families with young children. There’s no spraying involved in any of the products, and they are made from non-toxic, natural formulations. There are wrist bands (including glow in the dark bands for night time), skin wipes and even a battery operated portable ultrasonic repeller!

Babyology Managing Editor Mandi road-tested the products on a recent Thailand adventure with her family of five, and was suitably thrilled. Her main weapon of choice against mosquito bites was the Mosquito Bands. The main rules are that the bands are not for sleeping in and should be loose on the skin, not constricted against it. They’re silicone-based (much like fundraising wristbands) and effective for up to forty eight hours. Amazingly, they’re also waterproof. A two pack is $7.95, and they also come in kids sizes and glow in the dark packs.

Intelligent Health Systems mosquito control products

We particularly like the adhesive Mosquito Patches, which can be stuck to furniture or strollers as well as clothes to protect the surrounding area. You can stick one on the cot at night to be sure your baby won’t emerge from sleep covered in bites, and a patch on the back of a t-shirt means no more wrestling with your child to apply repellent. The adhesive patches provide up to twelve hours of protection and cost $9.95 for a pack of ten.

For the very few mosquito bites Mandi’s family did suffer, they found the Mosquito Click terrific for soothing the itch. It’s a chemical-free, Therapeutic Goods Administration registered medical device. It uses piezoelectricity to inhibit the production of histamine at the site of a sting or bite. Suitable for children over six months old, it costs $19.95 and can be used to treat up to five thousand bites.

You can buy the range of mosquito control products directly from Intelligent Health Systems, or check out their site for local stockists. Prices begin at $8.



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