Keep charge of your smartphones with Unimax Charging Station


I love modern technology, I really do. Our family of five has its fair share of gadgetry and smart devices but I do have just one lonely gripe – and that’s the tangled web of charging cables they bring. If like me, you want to avoid that frustration of who was charging what first, be in charge of the situation with a Unimax Mobile Phone Charging Station.

With the ability to charge up to six devices at a single time (no, not kidding), the Unimax Mobile Phone Charging Station includes adapters to fit Blackberry, Nokia Mini, iPhone 3 and 4, iPhone 5, Mini USB, Micro USB, Sony Ericsson K750 and Sony PSP. Of course many of these size charges are interchangeable between devices, so the iPhone 3 and 4 adapters fit older iPods while the iPhone 5 fits newer iPods. It’s also an excellent housing for gadgets when not in use and of course, completely omits all of those annoying charger cords.

The Unimax Mobile Phone Charging Station is priced $75 and available from Roaming Connections.


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