Sit back and relax! Now there’s a gadget that rocks your baby’s pram for you

Finally someone has invented a solution to the problem of “my baby will only sleep in the pram when I rock it”.



Meet Rockit 

Rockit is a new portable rocking gadget that will allow mums to finally enjoy a cup of coffee at a cafe without having to continuously rock the pram with their foot to keep baby asleep as they sip.

It also means we can now load the supermarket conveyor belt with TWO hands and not have to leave the house for night pram walks to get bub off to sleep – bloody brilliant!

How it works

The handy pram accessory simply clips onto your pram, buggy or stroller and with the push of a button you can keep your little one content and rocking away.

The speed can also be adjusted so it rocks him at just the same level of mum-jiggle that you do.

A game changer

How many times have you wished this gadget existed when at the park with your toddler and your bub asleep in the pram? Or what about when you need to put the shopping away after a pram walk to the supermarket, but you know if you stop rocking the stroller that your baby will wake up – and your life won’t be worth living that afternoon if his nap is cut short?

Rockit park

Backed by science

Scientific tests show that the vibration level of the Rockit closely mimics the normal hand rocking of a parent. The subtle yet soothing movement is also gentler than a pram moving over paving stones.


The Rockit uses four AA batteries (which are not included) and has a 60 hour battery life when used at the slowest speed. It features:

  • A gentle 30 minute rocking cycle
  • Fits all makes of prams and strollers
  • Has a quiet motor with adjustable speed
  • Is showerproof
  • Is safe to use from birth onwards


Rockit home

The Rockit retails at $79.95 and is available for purchase from Sleep Tight Babies.

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