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It’s easy to tell my three are siblings when you compare their baby photos. The eyes aren’t the give-away, even though they share the exact same shade of blue. And it’s not even that they all have the same cute little snub noses. It’s because they all sleep exactly the same way – with their sweet little baby heads turned slightly to the left and those chubby little baby arms flung up around their ears.

So baby sleeping bags have always been something of a necessity in our house. Right now my four-month-old goes to bed in a Go Go Bag that’s practically perfect in every way. But I’ve been thinking a second bag is a good idea for those middle-of-the-night nappy change disasters and sleep-disturbing dribble-fests. And I think I’ve found what I’m looking for.

CoZi Sacs from CoZibugs are funkiness in a sleep sack. There’s something very modish about the design of these bags, with their bright, bold spots. We especially love the look of the Fruity Collection, with its sleeping bags sporting spots in deliciously vibrant shades of melon, orange, blueberry and strawberry.

The bags fit babies from three up to fourteen months and are designed to be worn over pyjamas. They can be machine washed and dried (the only sensible option, we think!) and are made from luxurious cotton using non-toxic dyes. Another sensible feature is the two-way zip for easy-peasy nappy changing – especially important when you don’t want to rouse a sleeping baby.

CoZi Sacs are already a favourite with parents in the UK, Canada and the US but there’s no need to start checking currency exchange rates – we can reveal they have just arrived in Australia. Contact local stockists direct for pricing and delivery information.

CoZibug CoZisac sleeping bag cozisac

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