Katherine Heigl’s pregnancy craving causing quite the stir

Let’s talk about coffee. It’s great. It tastes delicious. It lifts you up. And it allows you to actually keep up with your children for an entire day without the need to rely on heavy duty medications or afternoon naps. Plus, it’s better for you than Red Bull.

However, for as long as people have been shamefully shaming parents-to-be, coffee (in large amounts, that is) has been off-the-table for pregnant mums. And, if you’ve ever been pregnant and set foot in a coffee shop, then you will know all too well that many people still find it necessary to turn up their noses at a pregnant woman drinking out of a mug.

Pregnant celebrity mum Katherine Heigl decided to slam down the nose-turners and admit that caffeine has been a lifesaver during her pregnancy. Plus, it was recommended by her doctor. So there you go … coffee wins, regardless of whether you’re growing an infant or not.

Katherine Heigl has been a mum for several years now (eldest daughter, Naleigh, is seven and Adalaide is four) but this is her first pregnancy. The mum-to-be announced that she and hubby, Josh Kelley are expecting their first biological child, a boy, later in the year and she is happily sharing the ups and downs of pregnancy with her fans through her blog, Those Heavenly Days.

In a recent post Katherine wrote a list of her favourite pregnant things, from super-stretchy Lululemon pants to apple cider vinegar. However, the world suddenly stopped spinning when Katherine admitted that caffeine is one of her go-tos for this pregnancy.

Oh the horror. Because, as we have all been told countless times, caffeine is bad for you while pregnant. Caffeine can lead to super hyper babies with seven heads and 25 toes and the inability to reason or listen to their parents. No, not really, but it is supposed to be avoided in large quantities.

But Katherine is about to set the record straight because she was told to drink coffee – one or two cups a day – by her OB/GYN.

“She told me to have a cup or two of coffee a day. Apparently caffeine reduces inflammation. When I expressed concern, my doctor assured me that a cup or two a day was fine but not to overdo it. She told me as long as I wasn’t downing a whole pot, my baby would be just fine.”

For Katherine, adding a cup or two a day cured her headaches, aided with her sinus issues and helped with water retention.

“I totally get that this remedy may not be for everyone,” Katherine admits. “I strongly believe that you must use your intuition and instincts when it comes to you and your baby’s health; and, though our doctors are offering their best advice and opinions it’s still up to us to make the final decisions about our bodies.”

But, for Katherine, coffee reigns supreme. And we salute her for it. Because we already gave up sushi, soft cheese and wine. Let us keep our coffees, dammit!

(Top image via Those Heavenly Things)

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