Kate T’s five favourite posts

Mama Body Tea_5

We’re getting sentimental here at Babyology and taking turns at looking back on our favourite posts over the past year. One of the most enjoyable parts of writing for Babyology is the treasure trove of unique and wonderful products, concepts and places that I’m introduced to. As hard as it was to narrow down, here are the five I most enjoyed writing about.  

Rising straight to the top of the list is a product that met me right where I was at. Mama Body Tea really works and I am forever grateful we got to cross paths! I sampled the Soothing Tea when I was 26 weeks pregnant and it instantly helped relieve the indigestion and acid reflux that had been my constant nightly companion for months. How could this not become an instant favourite?

Fridas Tierchen_1

Pregnancy Dolls are definitely a novel and somewhat controversial idea but during the course of writing up this post I was won over by these beautiful and simple handmade toys. What a lovely way to help big brothers and sisters-to-be understand and share in the experience of a new addition to the family.


Kickstarter project, iBesties is a comprehensive and well-researched collection of books, dolls and online educational games that promote female entrepreneurs. As a former middle school teacher, I love that iBesties Middle School Moguls meet girls where they’re at, challenge them to dream big but don’t influence them to look or act older than their age. Just at a time when it is impossible to agree on anything, here is a product that both parents and tween girls will love.

year of sheep rocking sheep

A post that caused quite a stir earlier this year was my post on the Chinese Year of the Sheep … or should that be a goat, or maybe a ram? There certainly was some good debate flowing on Facebook! Surely we can all agree on one thing at least, sheep are by far the cutest of the options and I found plenty of baaargains (couldn’t resist) to spoil the little lambs born this year.

Gold Coast_15

Last but not least was this post on fun things to do with kids on the Gold Coast. I love my home town and was proud to show off some of my local haunts. My editor may have suggested that there were too many outdoor activities like parks and not enough cultural activities like museums … um, yep, welcome to the Gold Coast!

Kate Thompson

Kate Thompson

Just back from maternity leave, Kate Thompson is resigned to a house overrun by boys (3 kids, dog and husband). Existing in a phase she affectionately coins ‘monotonous chaos’, this stay-at-home-mum revels in moonlighting as a writer and feeling like a grown up every once in a while. A background in teaching and psychology, she entered parenthood confident she was up for the challenge, but now eats humble pie on a daily basis.

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