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Although we spend a lot of time with our little ones, it’s rare that we capture those special moments with the whole family. I am lucky my husband is a photographer so while I have gorgeous photos of my children, and of myself with the girls, I can honestly say we have only a handful of photos of the four of us as he is always behind the camera.

We recently organised a family photo session with Belinda Ramrakha from Karamac Photography and I can’t recommend her enough. Everything was so easy and professional leading up to the shoot, including choosing a location that meant a lot to our family.

The ‘guide to being ready for your close up’ had a huge amount of useful information, including tidbits I’d have never thought of, like not giving messy eaters pumpkin or carrots before the shoot as it could stain their skin, how to avoid grumpiness, bringing favourite toys and props and lots more ideas. I studied it thoroughly and arrived at our shoot with loads of stuff to keep the kids tidy and happy! Belinda also helped with what to wear on the day so everybody was coordinated but not too matchy-matchy!

Belinda also shot my girls individually after building an instant rapport with them, she really is the ‘child whisperer’. Both my girls bonded with her immediately and pretty much did anything she asked (using her secret tricks!) and we all know once that relationship is forged, that’s when the special images can take place.

What I love about Belinda’s style is that she allows you to organise the shoot to really tell a story about your family, your lifestyle and your relationships, and she is able to capture that all on camera with ease and simplicity.

Not only are the photos gorgeous and something to cherish forever, the presentation of all the images and prints is just exquisite. But enough said, I don’t want to spoil anything for when you organise your own photo shoot.

We also have a special offer for Babyology readers. Karamac Photography will give you a complimentary upsize of any prints/canvases ordered if “babyology” is mentioned (valid until 31 October 2011).

So head over to Karamac Photography today, check out her blog which is really down to earth and has many more shots of other families she has worked with, and also check out Karamac on Facebook.

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