Justin Timberlake holding a stranger’s baby Lion King-style is truly the best

Justin Timberlake holding a baby

Justin Timberlake just proved he was the sort of baby-whispering good sport we all desperately needed him to be.

“Hold my baby!”

A video shared on Reddit by golf fan and Redditor GuacamoleFanatic, shows a baby-holding dad attempting to convince celebrities to cuddle his baby, too. The footage, shot at a celebrity golf tournament, shows a passing parade of golfing gents flat-out ignoring the dad’s pleas.

“All these people said you’d hold my baby” the man shouts as each star walks by. NBA star Steph Curry, appears unmoved by the baby-cuddling suggestion. Dallas Cowboy’s Tony Romo is similarly unimpressed.

In fact, nobody holds the baby. How beastly of them, right?!

This dad convincing Justin Timberlake to hold his baby is incredible from videos

Bringing baby back

Then Justin Timberlake walks by. He too appears to ignore the adorable infant held aloft in his direction. Or does he?!

“All these people said you’d hold my baby” the man says again. He’s so insistent. And noisy. We thought golf courses were meant to be all whispers and polite clapping? This dad didn’t get the memo it would seem.

He rallies other spectators in a rousing but unimaginative cheer:

“Hold the baby! Hold the baby!” the crowd chants, as dad-of-one Justin appears to rethink the situation. He loops back, retracing his steps and seems more than happy to comply. Hurrah!

He scoops the unfazed tot up, gives him a little tickle and even has a little chat. It’s all a bit cute.


The Circle of Life

Then, the piece de resistance occurs. Someone inexplicably breaks into The Lion King theme song The Circle Of Life.

Excellent sport JT comes to the party, holding the baby aloft for a few seconds, before laughingly returning him to the arms of his dad. It’s a special moment and the delighted crowd goes wild. Or as wild as you can on the 8th hole.

They continue celebrating Justin and tot’s meeting of the minds with cheers, whoops, more singing and giggles.

The baby, for what it’s worth, appears unaware that he was touched by the hand of Justin Timberlake.

He continues to suck his own fingers, raise one eyebrow and generally look bemused, setting an excellent example of how we should respond to celebrity and pushy parenting.


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