Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel get lit, parent-style. With pie.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Many Americans celebrated Thanksgiving over the weekend, and Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel were no exception. The high-profile pair took to social media to share their approach to this holiday, and their little boy Silas played an excellent starring role.

Shake it off

In fact, two-year-old Silas co-piloted his dad through a series of push-ups, in a quest to work off the turkey. And gravy. And mashed potatoes. And stuffing. And candied carrots. It was an expert effort and we’re feeling healthily inspired.

“Shaking off those leftovers like…” Justin posted under a video he uploaded to Instagram.

The clip features Silas stretched out on his dad’s back, arms clinging to neck, as they work together to burn off the Thanksgiving calories … and make room for even more delicious things.

Damn fine pumpkin pie

Another clip from team Timberlake-Biel confirms that things got even sweeter, pretty darn speedily.

Not only will Justin demo just how helpful a toddler can be when it comes to Thanksgiving preparation and recovery, he will flame the heck out of a fabulous-looking pumpkin meringue pie in celebratory style, as well!

We have it on excellent authority that celebrity chefs were on tenterhooks, as they scrolled their Insta-feeds on Saturday, because not only is Timberlake bringing sexy back, he’s quite keen to make things deliciously golden as he busted out some expert moves.

Behold – below – the magic of a blow torch in his Timberhands, as he swivels, crisps and caramelises like a pro.

It’s basically a sort of pie dance and Jamie Oliver must be quaking in his foodie boots – and pondering hiring a foodie choreographer – as we speak.

Ex Mickey Mouse Club star JT is a record-breaking singer/actor/producer, most famous for his Justified and FutureSex/LoveSounds albums. He met fellow actor – and The Sinner star –  Jessica Biel in 2007, got engaged to Jess in 2011 and the pair married in 2012.

Their son Silas was born in April 2015.

Crazy human vacuum cleaner

“Having a child, I have never experienced more emotions in all my life, anger being one of them. Simply put, sometimes your two-year-old makes you crazy,” Jess recently told Marie Claire, and it only makes us love her more because pre-schoolers very often have many of us rocking in the corner and we’re feeling all the solidarity feels.

She says becoming a parent has opened up a new interest in avoiding food waste, and she’s adjusting as best she can.

“You make food, they eat what they eat, and you literally — as they are running off trying to grab something — you are shovelling the last few bites off of their plate. And that is your lunch… that is your lunch.”

“I’m the human vacuum cleaner at the end of the meal!”

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My tender heart is yours, now until forever.

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Never. Enough. Pie.

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