Just like mum with the Ergobaby doll carrier

Ergobaby doll carrier

Ergobaby doll carrier

Perhaps it is some part of the brain that switches on at about two-and-a-half, but my toddler daughter has become excessively, well, nurturing. I always imagined this would be a lovely thing to observe, and don’t get me wrong, it is – to a point. You see, the paraphernalia associated with her many and varied “babies” is slowly taking over the house, and all of it is ugly, plastic and pink.

Part of our problem is that the babies seem to need to be asleep for a lot of the day, and apparently pretty much anything I do, from vacuuming to even speaking too loudly, is prone to wake them up. We have tried discussing alternative settling methods, but she doesn’t like to move them from bed to one of her many doll strollers if they are meant to be in naptime (as I’m sure most mothers understand).

I think this doll carrier from ERGObaby might solve some of our problems! Isn’t it gorgeous? I am a sucker for a miniature version of anything, so this carrier had me from the word go. It goes without saying that at Babyology we are huge fans of ERGObaby carriers, and all of the great design features in the adult carrier are here in miniature in the doll version.

The options on the market for doll sized carriers are few, and unless you are crafty and have plenty of spare time to make your own, I suspect you are making do with a poorly tied tea towel or similar. Solve that problem by picking up one of these carriers for only $42 from Mumma Loves Bubba. They come in three colours, including a gender-neutral grey version, and shipping is only $6 within Australia.

Ergobaby doll carrier

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