Jump on board, take a ride – active toys roundup

BIT Balance Bike

BIT Balance Bike

There’s a sweet time between toddlerhood and preschool where children know very little of the high-tech world they’ve been born into. All manner of fun can revolve solely around toys which need no batteries nor an electrical outlet. Active toys teach children to create play of their own volition, and mercifully for parents – they tucker them out! So here’s our pick of the best toys to get kids up and going.

Balance bikes have a definite trend factor, as well as being a sensible option for small children. Have a look at the BIT balance bike – it’s sleek and eye-catching, with fluoro colour options.

Sibling Tricycle

The Hammacher Schlemmer Sibling Tricycle is adorable – and if you have more than one little person in the household, it allows for some old fashioned “dinking”.

Debut Scooter

Scooters are all the rage with the younger crowd, and this is one you won’t mind leaning up against the house. As stunning as it is fun, the Debut Scooter from I’m Toy is a wooden wonder that’s hard to resist.

Rocking Scooter

There’s that frustrating time for children when they can’t get around (save for an awkward bottom-shuffle), but they so want to move. I love rockers for this reason – active play without the need for the co-ordination that comes later in childhood. Lime Tree Kids has these fabulous rocking scooters from JIP Collection. Or, because red goes faster, there’s the delightful Classic Red Racing Car rocker from Monty & Frank’s Designer Toy Company.

Classic Red Racing Car rocker


I have a hefty collection of ride-ons, but by far my favourite (and more importantly the one my boys adore) is the Italtrike. It’s a smooth ride and whisper quiet on wooden floors.

The Flip

And if you want the best of both worlds – that is, a rocker and a ride on – there’s The Flip.

Springfree Trampoline

If you ever want to see a wide smile on any child’s face, take them to a trampoline. We all remember them from our childhood, and they’ve come such a long way. Springfree have revolutionised trampolines – taking out the risk, but leaving all of the fun.

BIT Balance Bike

Here’s that BIT balance bike again for one final drool. For all manner of other terrific toys, browse our previous posts on toys.


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