Jump before they can walk


Mention the two words ìbaby" and "walkerî to a group of mums and no doubt a healthy debate will flare up. Many pediatricians are against the whole concept, saying it’s actually bad for a baby’s growing bodies. Some countries have gone so far as to ban the walkers altogether and many parents stay away from the product after all the accidents that have been reported concerning baby walkers. On the other hand some parents swear by them — saying a baby will be encouraged to walk faster and have a lot of fun in the process.

Whatever your belief you might get a kick out of this — the Jump Baby Walker by Wonjune Song. Still only in the conceptual stage, this product sure tests boundaries. The space-age looking bouncer is made from an elastic type material that allows toddlers to literally jump around — providing great exercise and leg work no doubt.

But don’t start jumping up and down over this yet, it’s not going to hit stores, for some time, if ever. Check out other reviews and comments at Yanko Design.


(via Oh Dee Doh)

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