The manternity shoot taking the mickey out of baby bump pics

Want to know what the next big thing is for pregnancy portraits? It’s the manternity photo shoot. Instead of the mum-to-be posing for pics to capture all her glowing glory as she awaits the arrival of her newborn, dad can have a keepsake album of his food baby to proudly show the grandparents.

A series of photographs has been capturing some attention on photo sharing website Imgur of a man posing in his underwear, happily showing off his beer gut. Shot in the style of a maternity photo shoot, the results are hilarious – even if a little bit odd.


Don’t ask why, just enjoy how this man has managed to make a manternity photo shoot look like serious business. All the typical maternity shots are there – the silhouette, the sitting on a stool and admiring your belly, the pose on the bed topless, the hands forming a heart over the tum, the bump kiss – just strangely they are of a man and his stomach instead of a woman and her baby bump.


We think it’s best you don’t ask ‘why?’ when checking out this shoot because it defies explanation. Word is the bloke is a dad-to-be whose pregnant partner didn’t want the attention so he stood in at her photo shoot for a bit of a laugh. If you managed a giggle then we’re sure that was the intention when the pics were posted online.


Posted without a caption, the pics have been viewed more than five million times since being uploaded to the site. It seems there’s a lot of people out there who like a bit of a laugh.


We’re always on the lookout for new trends here at Babyology, so if this manternity photo shoot inspires your partner to have a go, do let us know.


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