John Legend spills on how married life with Chrissy changed after Luna arrived

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

John Legend says becoming a parent totally redefined his relationship with wife Chrissy Teigen, as the pair learnt to navigate mum and dad life with daughter Luna, for the very first time.

“You start to learn”

Chrissy and John married in 2013 and the Luna was born in April 2016. John – who is looking forward to welcoming a second baby with Chrissy next year – says the steep learning curve becoming a parent brings, also heralds unique new relationship challenges.

“Part of it is learning how to parent together,” he explained, speaking to Us Weekly last week. “Because even though Chrissy and I have been together for a long time, we haven’t been parents together until last year.”

“You start to learn what kind of responsibilities you wanna share and take on,” he revealed.

We’re sure most parents can relate to this. Introducing a baby to the mix certainly does shift the goalposts dramatically, but it also offers lots of opportunities to dig deeper and grow closer together, too.

“It’s just really fascinating”

Watching Luna’s adorable and ever-shifting development and growth is obviously one of John’s new favourite things.

“It’s really just fascinating watching the human mind develop. Seeing what they pick up and how quickly they pick it up, when they start walking, start crawling, how excited you are just when they turn over for the first time by themselves!” John told Us Weekly.

When life is often very big-picture-focused, John says it’s the little things that spark the most joy.

“It’s little milestones that might seem silly to people who don’t have kids, that are really exciting to us and just watching her grow has been the most exciting thing. And when you start to see a personality develop it’s like really cool.”

“Following in my footsteps”

John admits he cheers, inwardly at least, when Luna shows an affinity for music. That said, he explained that he and Chrissy want to foster any talents and passions their children display, musical or otherwise.

“I want them to just find what they’re passionate about and commit to it and really get into it. Whatever it is, I’ll support them,” John said.

“I love when Luna plays around on the piano, I love when she plays with the little toy microphone my friend bought her for her birthday. I get excited when it looks like she’s following in my footsteps. But she also is excited in the kitchen when Chrissy’s cooking and she has her own little play kitchen.”

“Who knows what she’s gonna wanna do when she’s older, maybe she’ll be an engineer, a computer programmer, anything! I just want her to know it’s all available to her. We’re gonna encourage her and support her no matter what.”

 More of Luna (and her mum and dad!)

The many faces of …

(Left to right) From most impressed to least impressed.

Celebrating Chrissy’s birthday

Those pompom shoes are utterly next-level adorable!

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Celebrating mommy’s birthday with my little Lu

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Adorable double act

Very disappointed this video is so short, John.

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God only knows what I’d be without you.

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