Jetstar apologises for embarrassing pregnancy gaffe

A Jetstar flight attendant has made an embarrassing gaffe, mistakenly assuming a passenger was pregnant as she boarded a flight. He questioned New Zealand woman Grethe Anderson about how far along she was, only to find the 24-year-old wasn’t expecting – leaving the miffed woman stunned and shocked.

Grethe, from Wellington, was flying to Auckland for a weekend away, when the male attendant mumbled what she thought was a question about how much her bag weighed. Grethe says in a post to Jetstar’s Facebook page that she asked the staff member what he’d said.

“I was then asked quite clearly and loudly, he signalled to his stomach and said “how many weeks are you?” I was so shocked, I have never been asked this before in my life. I quickly stated “I’m not pregnant” and boarded my flight.”

Grethe says she spent the entire flight feeling self-conscious, and keen to change her outfit (pictured above).

“I myself used to be quite heavily overweight and even then was never met by such a rude question and especially no remorse from the flight attendant. Not even a simple apology, nothing!”

The Wellington woman says she spoke to the cabin crew manager at the end of the flight, who indicated that pregnant passengers are asked if they more than 28 weeks along.

“I’m sorry but I do not think I look 28 weeks pregnant and I think some of you may agree. It would be nice to get an apology from someone at Jetstar as the service I received was in very poor taste and put a real dampner on a weekend I had planned for months. For future reference it might be best to do some training around these types of situations considering it can have a lasting emotional affect on someone’s self esteem.”

A spokesperson for Jetstar told Babyology that the airline “sincerely apologises for the distress the passenger experienced”, and that its Customer Care team contacted the passenger directly to discuss her concerns.

Grethe has since posted an update to Facebook, saying she’s passed on her feedback, and was offered a $100 Jetstar voucher as a gesture of goodwill. She has also apologised for causing such an uproar, saying she only wanted to draw Jetstar’s attention.

“I do not want to place blame on any of the crew aboard the flight…they were doing there job. I think that the point might of been misconstrued, all I want is for Jetstar to look at how they approach the subject and how to deal with it if people get it wrong. We are all human and make mistakes.”

(image courtesy Grethe Anderson)

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