Jessica Rowe gets real about the unexpected surprises during labour

She’s never been shy on or off the camera, especially when it comes to the ins and outs of motherhood and has spoken candidly about her battle with IVF and post natal depression.

But Jessica Rowe’s latest confession takes the cake. It’s a doozie that I’m sure most mums can relate to.

Labour poop. It’s a thing. And it’s not something we like to discuss.

But Australian mum and quirky TV personality Jessica Rowe brought it to the table during a segment of Studio 10 this week and, well, now that the truth is out, it’s hard to ignore.


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Jessica’s confession came during a chat about the embarrassing things wives make their husbands do. Jess piped up with, “Your husband sees you poo when you have a baby.”

Yep. You pretty much can’t beat that for embarrassing moments. Thanks for that, Jess.

But, turns out, Jess, who is Mum to daughters Allegra, nine, and Giselle, seven, with hubby Peter Overton, isn’t alone. Most mums admit to either worrying about it happening or actually having it happen during labour. But don’t stress mums – it’s natural, normal and a sign that bub is on the way!

And, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. After all, pushing a baby down the birth canal is going to cause some serious strain to your pelvic floor area, including the rectum.


Woohoo!!! Happy birthday to my fraternal twin @joe_hildebrand !!! #40 #46 #itgetsbetter!!! @studio10au

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“The thing is, it happens, and it doesn’t matter, and you don’t care,” Jessica admits. “I so did not care. Beforehand I did, but it doesn’t matter!”

Amen sister. And, let’s face it – after having a baby, poop is going to become a pretty big part of your life.

Oh, but it gets better expecting mums, because a bit of poo isn’t the only unexpected surprise to happen in the birthing suite, especially if you’re a first time mum. You can read all about the other incredibly awkward scenarios that come with pushing a baby out in our 13 things new mums discover after giving birth.

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