Jessica Rowe embodies the crap housewife in all of us

Jessica Rowe

In these times of Insta-perfection, it’s heartening to see high-profile mums embracing the less polished bits of life. Celebrating them, even. Take Jess Rowe, for instance…

Embrace the crap

“Jessica Rowe is embracing and uniting crap housewives everywhere,” her just-launched Crap Housewife website trumpets and we are pleased to report that it delivers what it promises!

Jess – who you probably know from the morning show Studio Ten or perhaps her mental health-focused book Is This My Beautiful Life – has taken her popular #CrapHousewife Instagram hashtag and transformed it into the kind of lifestyle choice frazzled mums will find pure delight (and see themselves) in.

Carving a niche not covered by the so-called Yummy or (more rudely labelled) Slummy Mummies, Jess is all about doing the best you can with what you have – especially if it’s mince – and not taking yourself too seriously in the process. There are hits, there are misses, there are cats, there are kisses. In Jess’s book it’s all part and parcel of the Crap Housewife journey and we can relate.

Committed to the cause

Jess emanates a serious dose of goofy adorable – and sports the kind of expressive “all-in” ace face – that makes us want to be crap just like her too. And don’t be mistaken, the Crap Housewife game is very, very strong, much of the time. #Respect

There is no recipe too easy for Jess to stuff up. There is (pretty much) no tin or packet mix she won’t proudly wrangle. There is also no day of the week when her kids won’t report back honestly like a tiny Masterchef panel (minus the punching and payroll stuff-ups, as far as we know) about her latest culinary efforts.

Sausage surprise: Success rate: Poor. One out of four family members ate it happily,” Jess writes of one memorable, Mikey Robbins-inspired meal. (It did look rather dodge.)


Less stress, more mess

Burnt chop quips aside, the message behind Jess’s Crap Housewife Life is an important one. The pressure to be a perfect parent/woman is more intense than ever and the divide between what we see on social media and what’s happening in family homes around Australian (the world!) has never been more vast.

Mums like Jess who are happy to share their good, bad and unacceptably sausage-y lives give other parents permission to be less hard on the themselves – and may well prompt them to take a little more time to enjoy the mummy ride.

“Why not cut the crap, take the pressure off and admit to the moments, days, weeks and months when the wheels do fall off?” Jess asks. Why not, indeed!

Time spent perfecting lunch boxes and lounge room styling may be well spent for some, but for many of us it’s time we could be doing nicer less-perfect things for ourselves or snuggling with our kids.

You can stay updated with Jess and her Life of Crappy Housewife-ing via her blog or Instagram.


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