Jessica Biel gets real: “Sometimes your two-year-old makes you crazy”

Jessica Biel

Actor Jessica Biel is currently starring in the Netflix hit The Sinner, and the associated publicity rounds are giving her a chance to talk about the show, her marriage to singer Justin Timberlake – and the delights of raising a two-year-old.

Back to work

Jessica – who rose to fame on the nostalgic favourite 7th Heaven – said returning to work after the birth of the couple’s son, Silas, was a welcome diversion from mum life.

“I hadn’t worked in a long time because of my two-year-old son, and as soon as I read [the script], I felt ready to go back to work,” she explained to TV Guide.

“It inspired me to the extent that I was willing to take the time away from my family to do it. It wasn’t planned. It was one of those things where everything lined up. The train got on the tracks, out of the station, and off it went.”

All the emotions

If you haven’t watched The Sinner yet, you’re in for a tension-filled treat. Jess plays young mum, Cora Tannetti, whose life takes an upsetting, angry and violent turn for the worse.

When quizzed about her character, and what makes Jess angry in her own non-fictional life, the mum-of-one was remarkably and refreshingly frank.

“This might sound really terrible, but it’s the truth … Having a child, I have never experienced more emotions in all my life, anger being one of them. Simply put, sometimes your two-year-old makes you crazy.”

Anyone who’s had a baby will identify with the many splendid and challenging feelings that Jess is talking about.

“They require so much”

This was the latest instalment in Jess’s real reveals about parenting and we love her a little bit more for being open about the tricky bits of mum life.

“You think you’re a selfless person, and then you realize you’re not,” she recently told Marie Claire

“These little people come around, and they require so much, and your schedule is really not your own, nor is it important anymore, and it’s very clear that it’s your life now revolving around this dude.”

Cross-country move

She also revealed her family has just uprooted, moving from LA to New York’s in what Jessica calls “a big adjustment”.

That said, she noted that young Silas is finding that change is a very good thing – and that she and Justin are finding freedom in the bustle of NY life.

“LA was our bubble and our safe zone, but it’s very freeing to be walking around the streets in New York. There are people everywhere and cool things to look at. My kid loves it,” she explained.

“He’s particularly excited about the trucks that pass by every two seconds. We don’t have to do much to entertain him. We sit on the corner and watch everything go by. It’s a great afternoon.”

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