Jennifer Garner has a rock and 1000 heart stickers in her mum bag and we get it

Jennifer Garner

We’re so glad Jennifer Garner finally got an Instagram account because we get to see amazing slice-of-life posts like this new one about what’s in her “mom bag”.

The life of Jen

Jen is separated from actor Ben Affleck and the pair have three children together – 12-year-old Violet, nine-year-old Seraphina and five-year-old Samuel.

Jen joined Instagram in September of last year and she’s wasted no time, giving us little peeps into her day and riveting fly-on-the-wall discourse on her interesting habits. Her recent update involves a thorough dissection of what’s inside her bag.

“On today’s episode of ‘What’s In My Bag?'” Jen says in the clip, “we explore the depths of my favorite backpack.”

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A very unusual “unboxing” type routine ensues, and we get to see exactly what lurks within.

“I always have a date book,” Jen begins holding up her diary. She continues to empty things out and provided a running commentary of the miscellany of mum bag life:

“Hearts. Speaking of that. More hearts. A book … to write things in. Index cards. A honey thing …” *holds up rock/geode*

“Why though? I don’t know. The package for a set of pens.” *holds up two pens*

“More hearts. I really like pens.” *hold up a handful of pens*

“People say ‘are you colour coding? are you really organised?’ No. I’m not.”

“Oh. Tea. Earl Grey.” *holds up more heart stickers* *holds up a torch*

“That concludes today’s episode of What’s In My Bag,” Jen beams.

Same same, but different

Jen’s followers quickly warmed to the task at hand, listing the contents of their own junk filled mum purses (or trash bags, as one mum said).

“I found a rock, old snacks that have since been broken open and crumbs all over my bags … still have baby wipes, crayons, god knows what else,” one commented.

“Pretty sure you stole my purse. Only difference is I always have mints, random hair ties and sunscreen, and usually single earrings,” another revealed.

“Seriously though … that could have been my bag! Pens and journals and stickers and a random crystal, all of it!” someone else said.

“I have lots of different colored pens/pencils, stickers, date book, writing book, and other gadgets and gizmos in my bag. I found a wooden nickel, a mini pack of Haribo Gummy Bears and a travel wine bottle opener (that looks like a pen)” another countered.

If you haven’t been following Jen on Instagram, you’ve been missing out on all this PLUS her recipe updates too. There are bagels and kale chips and beetroot crisps there for the taking. And rocks. There are rocks too, of course.

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