Jenna’s five favourite posts

Having only started writing for Babyology this year, I figured it would be easy to choose just five of my favourite posts. But the truth is I love almost everything I write about, from innovative decorating hacks to funny parenting videos, from incredible birth stories to our ultra awesome product round-ups.

But my top five favourite posts all have one thing in common – they tell it how it is. Parenting is messy. Parenting is frustrating. Parenting is overwhelming. But, most importantly, parenting is rewarding. And filled with hilarious moments. So come and revisit my favourite memories so far.

newborn stage 1

It’s been a few years since I had a newborn on my hands. But I still remember those first three months clearly. While the advice may be tongue-in-cheek, the struggles are all too real. Have a read and let us know if these 11 ways to survive the first three months with a newborn would have helped you. The operative word here is ‘survive.’


It’s always nice to know that you are not alone in the daily parenting dramas. These average parenting problems will brighten up any bad day. Trust me, you need these brilliant parent fails in your life.

Mothers Day Jenna3

Mother’s Day is always a time to celebrate and while all mums may make a list of kitchen utensils, homewares and books that they would love to receive in the morning with a warm cuppa… the truth is we would probably be happier with these 15 things. If I had to choose just one thing on the list, I’d pick number three. Or four. Or 14. What about you? Share a laugh and prepare for next year with 15 things mums want for Mother’s Day (and none of them cost a cent).


It’s no secret that I am a massive fan (and also the happy wife) of Jon Snow and his Game of Thrones crew. So when our brilliant editor agreed to let me write about Game of Thrones, I jumped at the chance. Come and check out what all mums can learn from the Game of Thrones. But, beware, for this post is dark and full of spoilers.

doing it right 3

I’ll end on a happy note. If you’ve ever felt frustrated with the constant stream of parenting advice coming from family, friends, news reports, studies and surveys, then you will appreciate this one. I’ve dissected some of the most popular parenting tips out there on how to raise happy, healthy kids. Come and see if you’re doing it right with Dear Parents – you’re doing a great job and here’s the list that proves it.

There’s plenty more to explore!  Check out all of my misadventures in mummyhood.

(top image – What do stay at home mums do all day? These hilarious photos hold all the answers – okay, so I have six favourites…)

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